Why Sarpino’s?

Sarpino’s origins are from the heart of Calabria, Italy. Our founder, Gerry Koutogos, took the simple Italian recipes made with the freshest of herbs, spices, and ingredients and created what we love about Sarpino’s today. We pride ourselves on freshness of the in-store made dough, and our flavourful sauce which separates us from the market. Pizza has a worldwide appeal, and with our unique way of making pizza, we fully embrace the wonderful opportunities for our brand everywhere.

Our vision is to be the best gourmet pizza in every market we serve, and after 12 years of focus, we are ready to become a household name in your city. Our excellence comes from the same practices Italy, to our dozens of successful franchisees across the world. The simple operation, limited cooking, and traditional Italian recipes are what make Sarpino’s work for our franchised system.

We have created several options for investment to fit mostly any location, or locale, that allows our franchisees to get up and running as quickly as possible with an efficient capital structure and efficiency of operations.

Sarpino’s is headquartered in Singapore, now, as our focus is to be able to better support the fast growing franchise markets in the dynamic economies of the East, with western practices, process and management know-how.

We have over 80 restaurants are open in 8 countries with 50 under development. We have opportunities in many areas, so take the next step and apply to be a Sarpino’s franchise partner today.


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